Historic House Plaques

Latest News: The Woodbridge Township Historic Preservation Commission is proud to announce the recipient of the first annual historic house plaque program as Dr. Silverman of 123 Green Street, Woodbridge, NJ.  The plaque is awarded in recognition of the owner's continued preservation of a notable building.

This beautiful home was built by William H. Cutter in 1870. William was the son of the clay magnate Hampton Cutter who built the palatial mansion on Strawberry Hill. William, who unassumingly described himself as a “clay miner” in the 1880 census, married Sarah Barron in 1871 and raised their two children, Hampton and Laura there. 

Laura Cutter lived in the home until her death in 1958. With her passing, the local newspaper noted that “the direct line of the Cutter family long associated with the Township’s civic, industrial and social life has died out.”  The house was faithfully restored by the Central Jersey Federal Credit Union which purchased the house in 1993 and later sold it in 2006. 

Please see our latest brochure titled "Historic Walking Tour of Woodbridge VIII: Green Street: The Park Avenue of Woodbridge" for more information on this home.  Congratulations again to Dr. Silverman!

A new program to mark your house as Historically Significant. Download the application.

Here is full size picture of the Historic House Plaque from the WHPC.

How Old is my House? If you live in an older home, you may or may not know some of the history of your home.  If you don’t there are ways of discovering that history and finding all about your home and its previous residents.  The Woodbridge Historic Preservation Commission presented a workshop on Saturday, October 2, 2010 to help in the quest for information about the age of your house.  If you missed the workshop, you can view a video of the presentation courtesy of WTT-35.  Click here for the link or check out all the on-demand programs available at WTT-35.

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