Woodbridge Township Historic Preservation Commission

Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

Chartered 1669

About our Woodbridge Township

Historic Preservation Commission

The mission of the Woodbridge Township Historic Preservation Commission shall be to carry out advisory, educational, and informational functions to promote historic preservation in the Township; prepare a survey of historic sites of the Township; make recommendations to the Planning Board on the historic preservation plan and the implications for preservation of historic sites; advise the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment on applications for development; and advise the Planning Board of the inclusion of historic sites in the recommended improvement program.


Dolores Capraro Gioffre, Chair

Courtney Lowry, Vice-Chair/Treasurer
Kathy Jost-Keating, Secretary
Bruce Christensen
Wendi Rottweiler
Daniel D'Arcy

Miguel Martin, Jr.

Frank Pelzman, Jr. 

Kevin Rossi

Alternates: Martin Genser, John Lande
Audrey LaPenta, Liaison, Historical Association of Woodbridge Township

Brenda Yori Velasco, Township Historian

Our Mission: “To inform, educate advise and guide public officials and the community at large as an advocate for the preservation of the rich history of Woodbridge Township”

Our Vision: “Public officials and the Woodbridge community at large will understand the rich historical heritage of the community and become engaged in preserving it.”

Our Commitment to Historic Preservation in Woodbridge:

Maintaining as our principal emphasis, the preservation of Historic Woodbridge Township in the face of redevelopment.

Ensuring that everything we do has a direct focus on historic 

preservation and cultural enrichment.

Bringing the “invisible” historic treasures in our community to light and advocating for their preservation.

Informing public officials on all matters related to historical

Pursuing only those activities that are in keeping with our mission as an organization dedicated to the Woodbridge community.

Encouraging the involvement of other leading organizations in
supporting our endeavors.

Working quickly and effectively to preserve buildings, property and structures that are of historical significance.

Educating the community so that the public can in turn encourage  public officials to make sound
historically-based decisions.

Being entrepreneurs in seeking new approaches to historic

Demonstrating professionalism in all work.

Serving everyone equally and fairly regardless of gender, age, race, sexuality, religion or national origin.